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Love to Smile Again With a Smile Makeover!

Do you dream of one day feeling good about the way you look when you smile? You are not alone! Millions of people avoid smiling because they are uncomfortable with their appearance. Instead of dreaming of a perfect smile, you can get one with a smile makeover.

There are many reasons people stop smiling – their teeth are yellow, chipped, crooked or dark. Additionally, their gums may be receding or too red. Regardless, Dr. Kelley at the Center for Family Dentistry can help. Even those in need of a complete dental reconstruction due to severe mouth problems can find their inner smile thanks to new techniques and technologies!

How a Smile Makeover Works

Every smile makeover we complete at the Center for Family Dentistry takes into account the personal needs and desires of the patient. Depending upon your situation, you may be a good candidate for any of these common solutions:

Porcelain Veneers – We can take paper-thin strips of high-quality porcelain and attach them to the tops of your teeth. When you smile, your teeth will appear straighter and whiter than ever! This is a great solution if you have teeth that do not respond to teeth whitening products, are slightly crooked, or have cracks or tiny chips but are otherwise healthy. In as little as one appointment, your smile will be transformed!

Invisalign® Clear Braces or Fastbraces® – Is your problem crooked teeth? We can help correct this issue with the use of clear braces or fast-moving bracketed braces. Some patients are able to get straight teeth in as little as three months!

Zoom! Whitening – This powerful, medical-grade tooth whitener works wonders! Not only is it safe, but it lasts and lasts!

Dental Implants – Have a missing tooth? A dental implant will provide a permanent replacement that looks exactly like your natural teeth. 

Discover how a complete dental reconstruction in Troy, MI can change your smile… and your life!

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