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The Importance of Regular Dental Exams

July 10, 2014 — by Keith Kelley, DDS
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Healthy white teeth being polished during a regular dental examMost of us have grown up hearing that regular dental checkups are important. But aside from habit, why should you schedule routine dental exams? Much like your routine physical exams with your general practitioner, routine dental examinations are important for preventing problems before they start and maintaining both your dental health and your health as a whole. There are several reasons why general dentistry experts like Troy dentist Keith Kelly recommend routine dental exams twice a year on average.

What Are the Benefits of Regular Dental Exams?

Of course it is critical to visit your dentist when you are facing an issue like a toothache that demands immediate attention. But there are also several pronounced benefits to scheduling regular dental exams even when nothing appears to be going on:

Clean Teeth are Beautiful Teeth: Every time you visit your dentist for a routine dental exam, your dentist will perform a thorough cleaning, removing debris and polishing them for a more brilliant smile. You will leave with teeth that are noticeably cleaner and brighter - which can serve as both a confidence booster and as motivation to keep up with your daily dental hygiene regimen and keep your teeth clean in between visits.

Preventative Dentistry Stops Serious Problems Before They Start: During your regular dental exam, your dentist will examine your teeth, looking for signs of tooth decay. Sometimes these signs are obvious, like cavities or advanced decay necessitating treatments like dental fillings or root canal therapy. But your dentist is also looking for the beginning of issues, like plaque and tartar buildup that can eventually lead to tooth decay if left untreated, or irritated gums that could form into periodontitis (gum disease) with time. By catching these issues before they have a change to advance, your dentist can easily treat them and save you the frustration and expense of dealing with more complicated issues.

Your Dentist Can Catch Serious Issues That Might Be Overlooked: In addition to looking for the beginnings of small issues, your dentist is also looking for major issues that patients might not know enough about to identify themselves. A good dentist can spot dangerous problems like advanced gum disease and oral cancer, which could easily lead to the loss of teeth or worse issues if unidentified and left alone.

Healthy Teeth Lead to a Healthy Body: Your body works as a cohesive unit - when one part is ailing, everything else suffers. Dental issues can cause other health issues, from jaw pain to headaches. By catching and treating dental issues early, your dentist is able to offer you a better quality of life overall.

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