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Preventative Dentistry Tips

February 12, 2014 — by Keith Kelley, DDS
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Troy Preventative Dentistry TipsAny good dental practice offers patients a full range of restorative dental services that correct and repair the damage caused by injury or decay. However, the ultimate goal of dental care is to prevent the need for restorative dental care for our patients. Cosmetic dentist Keith Kelley offers Troy patients preventative dentistry tips that can help patients maintain good oral health and avoid the need for more invasive dental treatment.

The key to maintaining good oral health is preventative dentistry. Preventative dentistry is a collaboration between the patient and Dr. Kelley. While Dr. Kelley offers a wide range of dental services that help patients prevent oral health care problems, there are practices that must take place at home as well. In order to keep the teeth clean and healthy, Dr. Kelley advises patients to adhere to a strict oral health care routine. Patients should follow these tips to maintain a healthy oral environment:

  • Brush the teeth two to three times a day
  • Floss regularly
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Rinse the mouth with water after each meal (if brushing is not a possibility)

While these habits may be effective in preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar, they should be complemented by thorough preventative dentistry services. The services offered by Dr. Kelley that can be helpful in helping patients keep the teeth clean and healthy include the following:

  • Dental exams: Dental exams are imperative in detecting any oral health problems in their earliest stages. This allows the problem to be treated in the most conservative manner before the problem progresses into a more serious condition. Dental exams with Dr. Kelley include a visual exam of the teeth and gums as well as x-rays and digital images.
  • Professional cleanings: Brushing and flossing are effective cleaning habits. However, bacteria are likely to multiply and create the presence of some plaque or tartar around the teeth. Regular professional cleanings allow Dr. Kelley to clean the teeth of any plaque or tartar so that cavities do not develop. Most patients can benefit from professional cleanings once every six months but some patients may require more frequent cleanings.
  • Fluoride treatment: Fluoride treatments offer extra protection for the teeth. Fluoride treatments may be included as part of a patient’s dental cleaning, especially if they are considered at risk of cavities and decay.
  • Dental sealants: Dental sealants are another preventative treatment that can help patients avoid dental cavities. Sealants are a clear, protective layer that is applied to the biting surface of the tooth in order to block out bacteria. Dental sealants are especially helpful in young children who are at a high risk for developing cavities.

Additional Services

Dr. Kelley works alongside his patients to ensure that the teeth and gums are in optimal health. However, decay, damage, and injury are common problems experienced by our patients. When restorative care is necessary, we offer treatment without judgment. Some of the restorative dentistry services available to our patients include dental fillings, root canal therapy, and dental implants.

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