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What You Should Know About Family Dentistry Services

January 20, 2014 — by Keith Kelley, DDS
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What You Should Know About Family Dentistry ServicesThere are many different needs that patients have at different stages of life. In order to offer the best possible care for a patient, it's important for a dentist to consider the age of the patient as well as the needs the patient has specific to his or her age. This is something that we always strive to do at our cosmetic dentistry center.

Right now we want to focus on the nature of these family dental care services and why they are so important to consider.

About Family Dentistry

Family dentistry means dental care for all members of the family. This essentially involves what we mentioned above: taking into account the age of the patient and how to best meet the needs of the patient given the patient's age.

Rather than going to multiple specialists for each family member to get the necessary care, going to a family dentistry center will allow you to get various treatments performed under the same roof, which will prove quite convenient.

Below is some information on the various dental care needs for different age groups.

Dental Care for Babies and Toddlers

For babies and toddlers, the primary concerns with regard to dental care is monitoring the emergence of baby teeth and making sure that they are healthy. During this time, dentists will work with parents so that they are able to ensure their young children have excellent dental health and begin to develop good dental hygiene habits.

Dental Care for K-6 Patients

When patients are firmly in their childhood, dentists will need to monitor the development of the young patient's permanent teeth and ensure that they come in properly. It's not uncommon for orthodontic care to be initiated at this age in some cases since it is easier to adjust dental alignment in young patients when compared to adult patients.

Dental Care for Teenagers

With teens, the ideal dental care treatments are ones that emphasize maintaining dental wellness while preventing potential problems that may arise down the road. Orthodontic care is also common around this time. Dentists will also be sure to monitor the development of a patient's wisdom teeth, which are the extra sets of molars that emerge in the late teens or early twenties and are surgically removed.

Dental Care for Adults

Adult patients have diverse needs to consider, but for the most part, the concerns involve upkeep, regular maintenance, and enhancement. In other words, adult patients undergo various forms of cosmetic, general, and restorative care, such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and root canal therapy. Adult orthodontics can also be performed if needed.

Dental Care for Senior Citizens

With patients of advanced age, the most important concern is ensuring that the patient remains in great health and has his or her wellness restored and maintained. Since tooth loss, gum recession, and tooth decay or injury are common with enhanced age, the ideal options for care tend to be restorative in nature.

Learn More About Family Dental Care Treatment

For more information about family dental care and how our team can help you achieve excellent dental health, be sure to contact our Troy, MI cosmetic dentistry practice today. We look forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve a smile that is healthy and beautiful, no matter what age you are.

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