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Dr. Kelley in Troy Michigan and the team are proud to be the premier dental office offering the astounding Fastbraces® Technology. Reach out to our office  to learn more about how Dr. Kelley will team up with Fastbraces® Technology to give you the smile you have always hoped for.

What are Fastbraces®?

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Fastbraces® is a new innovation developed to straighten your smile more quickly and succinctly. The Fastbraces® technology has revolutionized orthodontics as it is affordable as well as fast, easy and yes – entirely safe. This iconic new system is completely transforming the way people are straightening their teeth. For most cases, it is a complete system without the use of extraction and so far, has been providing users with unparalleled results.

How does it work?

Traditionally, braces work through two phases in order to shift teeth into the desired positions. This process would ordinarily take two years in which the first year sees the movement of the visible crown of the tooth and the second year shifts the root of the tooth. When you choose the Fastbraces® method, your brackets will operate under an entirely different principle of mechanics. This patented system employs a revolutionary triangular  bracket and a wire which is specially shaped to correct root position from the beginning. This innovative combination of mechanics will allow that your braces do twice the work in half the time while safely and effectively realigning your entire oral structure.

How long does it take?

Fastbraces® supports the movement of your tooth roots from the very onset of your treatment. This will achieve root parallelism in the very early stages. Your treatment will thus take anywhere from 3 months to about a year with visible results starting as soon as just a few weeks from implementation.

For more details about Fastbraces® Technology or to schedule an appointment, call (248) 828-3185.

Are YOU The Right Candidate for Fastbraces®?

We have devised a few straightforward questions to ask yourself in order to determine whether you would be the ideal candidate for this service:
Are you in the market for a straighter and more beautiful smile?
If so, would you like to see those results in a few short months instead of multiple years?
Are you concerned about the discomfort of braces and hoping to experience little sensation throughout?
Are you concerned about the cost of braces and hoping to save money?

If you find yourself identifying with “yes” answers to one or more of these questions…
CONGRATULATIONS! This means you could be the perfect candidate for Fastbraces®!

Call us TODAY to set up a consultation with Dr. Kelley to discuss how Fastbraces®! could work for you!

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