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Invisalign® Offers a Discreet Teeth Straightening Option for Teens

Posted 05/29/2020

Dr. Keith Kelley is a cosmetic dentist equally dedicated to the aesthetics and health of the teeth. Teeth that are crooked and unevenly spaced are not only cosmetically flawed, but are also difficult to clean, increasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Patients with a misaligned bite are also more likely to clench or grind the teeth, habits that can result in tooth damage and TMJ disorder. It is for these health reasons that orthodontic treatment is highly recommended when the bite is off, the teeth are crooked, and/or spacing is uneven. The aesthetic benefits of teeth straightening treatment are an added benefit to our patients. Despite these advantages, many patients (teens in particular) are reluctant to undergo treatment because of the constraints and appearance of braces. While Invisalign® offers an alternate techniqueto patients of all ages at Dr. Kelley’s practice in Troy, Invisalign® for teens is a more discreet option for our younger patients with concerns regarding traditional orthodontic treatment.

What Is Invisalign® for Teens?

Invisalign® for teens is a revolutionary teeth straightening treatment that eliminates metal brackets and wires, making treatment more comfortable, more convenient, and more attractive. While these are benefits that are appealing to patients of all ages, Dr. Kelley recognizes that these are of special importance to our teen patients, who often lead busy lives and tend to be more concerned with appearance and social acceptance. Invisalign® has replaced traditional metal brackets with more discreet clear plastic trays. These trays are specially designed for each patient so that they fit closely and comfortably while maintaining ample pressure on the teeth in order to subtly shift the teeth into proper alignment. Each patient is given a series of aligners that are each to be worn for two to three weeks. By progressing through this series, teens can achieve results comparable to those of traditional braces in a treatment timeframe that is also comparable to that of braces.

Why Teens Love Invisalign®

All teeth straightening options shift the teeth to improve the health and appearance of the smile, so why do most teens prefer Invisalign® to traditional braces? Invisalign® is the ideal choice because it offers the same great results of braces but eliminates most of the downfalls of treatment. Instead of clunky metal braces, teens wear clear aligners that are virtually invisible. Because these aligners are customized to fit the teeth exactly and because they are made of smooth plastic, teens no longer have to worry about cuts, scrapes, or gum irritation. Instead of the food restrictions and special cleaning techniques that are required of braces, teens can simply remove their Invisalign® aligners any time they need to eat, drink, or brush and floss the teeth. As long as the aligners are worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day, beautiful results will be achieved. It is for these unique benefits that Invisalign® is the teeth straightening method of choice for most of Dr. Kelley’s teen patients.

Schedule an Appointment

Dr. Keith Kelley believes in improving oral health while creating beautiful smiles for patients. For those with crooked teeth, a misaligned bite, and poor spacing, teeth straightening treatment allows Dr. Kelley to do just that. To learn more about Invisalign® and our other teeth straightening options, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kelley at your earliest convenience. We look forward to helping you achieve a straight and beautiful smile.

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